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This is who I am.

I moved to Milton in 2016 for a better life for my three children. 
I was in search of my Vermont dream - high-quality public schools; a beautiful old, home; access to well-preserved nature and outdoor activities; politics that make me proud; and a job with meaning. 
The longer I’ve lived here the closer I’ve become to realizing my dream.

My children thrive in the Milton Town School District. I was elected to sit on the school board in 2018. We have slowly fixed up our 150-year-old home to be fully insulated and run on solar energy. I am still discovering the endless beauty of this state in all the seasons (although, frankly, I prefer summer). I am proud to live in a state which, politically speaking, leads the way for the rest of our country - consistently doing the right thing on so many issues that I care about. I am the Director of Communications and Development for the Winooski School District, which is more than a job, it gives me a sense of purpose.I want everyone to have the privilege of building their own Vermont dream. But far too often, I see Vermonters who are struggling -- due to financial hardships, lack of affordable housing, or lack of access to proper health care.

Dedicated to Service

I was raised to believe that service is an important part of being a good citizen and that if you have the ability to give back and make a difference, you should do so. And so, I am excited to make this announcement and officially begin my campaign to serve in the Vermont House of Representatives on behalf of the great people in and around Milton.

Passion for Public Education

Working and serving in public schools has empowered me to continue advocating for public education in Vermont. My experiences have directly influenced one of my primary platforms: education funding reform. Our public education system must equitably serve all Vermont’s children, including our most vulnerable students.

We should not pit homeowners struggling to pay their taxes against meeting the needs of struggling learners. We must improve Vermont’s education funding mechanisms to ensure all students receive a high quality, equitable education, regardless of where they live or hardships in their lives.

Economic Dignity for All

I want the Vermont dream to be a reality for all. That's why I am focusing on economic and health dignity for all Vermonters. Throughout my time interacting with community members,  I've heard many troubling stories from Milton residents who struggle to afford the roof over their heads and food on the table. I want to ensure people feel that their tax dollars are being well spent, and getting public funds where they are needed. 

Our economy must serve the working families of Vermont. Low-wealth communities were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and we need better systems in place to protect all Vermonters - not just the wealthy few.

I will spend the next couple of months campaigning both in person and virtually. I plan to hold live events on social media and smaller, socially-distanced gatherings as a way to meet more people and hear community wants, needs, and concerns.