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Be part of the change in Milton

I am running because I care about all Vermonters - and I’m ready to be their voice in Montpelier.


My Dream

I want to live in a Vermont where our families and communities can thrive and where the Vermont dream is accessible to everyone - not just a select few.

Economic and Health Dignity for All

Our economy must serve the working families of Vermont.

Our working-class families were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, we need better systems in place to protect all Vermonters - not just the wealthy few.

All jobs must provide a livable wage and dignity for the Vermonters who do them.

Access to health care is a human right. No one should ever question whether they can afford to be healthy.

A safe, healthy place to live is essential. We must make truly affordable housing accessible for all Vermonters

Environment and Infrastructure

Clean air and water are necessities, not luxuries.

We can create hundreds of well-paying jobs upgrading to environmentally-sustainable infrastructure and public transportation.

Vermont must continue leading the way to independent, 100% renewable energy.

We must become more proficient at recycling and composting - with the goal of becoming a zero-waste state.

Local farmers keep our bodies and economy healthy. We must invest in environmentally-responsible, Vermont-grown food systems.

Education and Opportunity

Our public education system must equitably serve all Vermont’s children, including our most vulnerable students. We should not pit homeowners struggling to pay their taxes against meeting the needs of struggling learners. Children who are: from low-income households; experiencing homelessness; refugees and immigrants; students with a disability; or are otherwise marginalized students require additional resources. Too often, these vulnerable students are from low-wealth communities, who struggle to pass school budgets. We must improve Vermont’s education funding mechanisms to ensure all students receive a high quality, equitable education, regardless of where they live or hardships in their lives.

Job training and affordable higher education are essential aspects of a strong economic future in Vermont. Ambition and job advancement should be within reach of all Vermonters - not just the privileged. No one should start their working life saddled with crushing student-loan debt. Working adults should have consistent access to job training and the time to access these programs.

Affordable, high-quality early childhood education is critical for the healthy development of our youngest citizens and getting hard-working parents back in the workforce. Early childhood educators should be compensated for the incredibly valuable support they provide families and our economy.


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